Comp Reel '18

Here’s a brief collection of my work from the past year as a Compositor using both Nuke and After Effects. I have worked in broadcast television and film as a Motion Designer for the past three years and recently branched into compositing, completing a Diploma of VFX Compositing - Nuke.

Earworm - Indie Short Film
Directed by Mark Horpinitch, I was tasked with animating the character’s tentacles as well as texturing, lighting and compositing it into the shot using a combination of Cinema 4D and After Effects. Keke Marc lead the character animation and initial look.

Bad Bob - Student Project
Compositing CG elements into the TV screen, character passes, grade, atmosphere and
overall grade.

Gun Machine - Student Project
Keying green screen footage of a miniature model and compositing the background. I designed the overall shot’s look, matched the environment and added subtle atmospheric effects and an explosion behind the machine.

Cerebral - Short Film (Released 2019)
Using Nuke, this shot involved tracking and screen replacement. I also created the laptop screen animation using After Effects.

Cerebral - Short Film (Released 2019)
This shot required multiple elements. The character was textured using Cinema 4D and Substance Painter, then animated and rendered using Octane. The plate required object removal of the pole and lighting fixtures, tracking the camera dolly, compositing CG elements, smoke/atmosphere and an overall grade using Nuke.